Friday, January 9, 2015

Bar table make over

A friend of mine asked me for a make over for this bar table that her mom gave her. As soon as I saw it, painting the base antiqued white and changing the top to a dark wood color came to mind.
My friend loved the idea, so I got to work!!

 Painting the base was easy, I use Old White by Annie Sloan. To antique it I applied a coat of stain, the same color that I use for the top. That's when it got complicated...
It came out really dark, so I had a little freaking out episode... after calming myself down, I sanded it a bit to lighten it up, and it turned out gorgeous!!!
It was a lesson learned. I usually apply the coat of stain to latex paint to antique a piece of furniture, and wipe it right away.
But with the chalk paint didn't work so well, the chalk paint absorbed the stain, so I couldn't wipe it off.
What I learned is that if using chalk paint the best way to achieve the antique look is by using dark wax, with is what I do now... 
Oh well, you live you learn, right?

I use a sanding machine to sand the top to the bare wood, then apply a coat of Minwax stain (Dark Walnut 2716) and voila!! 
This is the table at its final destination at my friends house. She loved it and so did I.