Monday, January 30, 2017

Another Valentine Vignette!

 Yesterday I shared a Valentine's vignette on my coffee table, you can read about it HERE. I was having fun decorating so I kept going with another look. In this case I kept the same tray, roses and books and changed the rest.

I decided to feature a beautiful picture of my grandmother this time. After all, I was decorating for  Valentine's and she will forever be in my heart. 

I also switched the candle for this gardenia one... Oh that scent... It is to dye for! 

I liked this more simple look, but to be honest, I liked the other vignette better, with more color and texture, so the final vignette was the previous one. My kids were happy the m&ms made the final cut!! ;) 

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A Valentine's Vignette for my Coffee Table

Last Friday I had a very sweet end of my week. My french style chairs were featured in Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage. It was a really nice surprise to see them in such a beautiful Blog. You can read about my french style chairs HERE and you should really visit Country at French Country Cottage if you haven't so. You would really like this Blog!

Yesterday I was playing with my coffee table... I always like to display a vignette there, and I like to switch it up and change it a bit according with the time of the year...

Since Valentine's day is approaching, I use that as my inspiration for this vignette... Candles, roses and chocolate!

Nothing says Valentines like red roses, right? A sweet friend brought me this beautiful bouquet this weekend. It's perfect for my valentine's vignette!!

This is one of my favorite candles. I bought it at Anthropologie a few months ago. I wish you could smell it. It is absolutely divine!! But my favorite part is the container. Isn't it just pure perfection? It emulates an antique marmalade jar.

I kept playing with it and came up with another look... Make sure to come back tomorrow to see it!

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Friday, January 27, 2017


My husband thinks I have an obsession with pillows. I just think they can be an inexpensive and easy way to  change the look of a room. I know some pillows can be pricie. But I am usually pretty thrifty and since I know myself and I know I will be changing pillows around, I usually don't spend much on my pillows...

Let's start with today's look, this is how my couch currently looks like... The last addition was the blue  pillow in the middle... It came from Marshall's.

This was the previous look, the Christmas look. When I bought the red pillows with the white snow flakes, at Michael's, of all places and on sale! I was thinking about leaving them out for the winter, but to be honest, after the holidays, I got tired of the red, so I put them away with all my Christmas decorations. 

This was a couple winters ago. I love a lot of pillows in the couch, but since this is the everyday couch, where we sit to watch TV, where the kids sit to read books and to play with their IPads... Too may pillows are not very practical... they kind of get on the way and end up on the floor, so with this look, I learned less is more, at least at this stage of my life... 

This one was last year at Spring time. I found the needle point pillow in the center at my local antique mall, for only $20. I like the colors and the flower motive was perfect for spring, along with the pillows with birds and bird cages... 

Recently I found these ones at Walmart, I love the blue color with the white rope stripes and the fringe.  They are lumbar pillows, so they look great on my chairs. 

And that shade of blue also looks great with the table and the stripes on the ottoman! 

Do you like to change your pillows depending on the season, time of year or mood? It is a fun way to change the colors or decor of a room without breaking the bank!! 

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Maggie Moo Finds a Home!

In the region of Spain, where I grew up, there are cows everywhere! everywhere!! It is very green, with mountains and valleys where you can see cows even when you drive on the freeway, munching on some fresh grass along the sides of the roads.

Perhaps that's why I like them so much. I never realize or make that connection, until one day driving around my home town in Spain, my husband notice that and said, "now I understand why you like cows so much. They are everywhere!" And perhaps he's right, they remind me of home, of my home in Spain, of my childhood, of my roots, of where I came from!

I've seeing in a lot of fabulous kitchens this fabulous cow head, usually hang in the hood above the stove, or at least, that is my favorite place for it.  So a few years ago, I saw that cow head for sale at Decor Steals and I jumped to buy it as fast as I could.

The cow head come in the mail and I was so excited to have my very own... However I do have a microwave above  my stove and a cabinet above the microwave so I couldn't hung it there... I considered to remove the microwave and the cabinet above it, and install a "fake" hood just to accommodate my fabulous cow head, but I didn't find a way to suggest it to my hubby... I thought he might think I went completely crazy!

I tried and tried in different locations around my kitchen, I definitely new I wanted her in the kitchen... but couldn't find a home for her. So into my closet she went where she lived on a shelf for at least two years!!! Very sad... I know!

Recently I replaced the hutch in my kitchen, you can read about that HERE, and since the new hutch is much shorter than the old one... Guess what!!! I hung it above the hutch!!! Oh yes!! I am so excited to be able to display my Maggie Moo... I know some people will roll their eyes... but I just love her!!

She's so special so she's dressed up with a boxwood wreath around her neck!! Isn't she pretty!! 🐮

Before you go, I need to share some really exciting news, my french style chairs, you can read about them HERE were featured at one of my favorite Blogs, Savvy Southern Style. I couldn't believe it when I saw them featured there!! If you are not familiar with Savvy Southern Style, you need to visit this Blog, I'm pretty sure you'll love it!!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A New Old Hutch for My Kitchen

I had an Ikea hutch in my kitchen since I got married.  It was really cute and I still vividly remember my husband putting it together all those years ago!! but lately I've been switching gears to a more french look. 

 This is the Ikea Hutch. My niece is moving soon to her first place so I gave it to her in exchange of an overnight of babysitting, so hubby and I can to away on our anniversary!! Win Win!! 😉


And this is the new old  French style one! I painted the exterior it in ASCP Old white and the interior in ASCP Duck Egg. Then I applied a coat of clear wax. 

I sanded the paint in some spots to give it a distress look.  And replaced the door knobs with new ones as the ones that came with the hutch weren't that pretty. 

  I also adorned the side windows with two small boxwood wreaths.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stuning Antique Furniture

 Today I would like to show you a few pieces of the most beautiful furniture I've ever seen.

I grew up with all this pieces in my house, in Spain. So they are all very close to my heart.

This Particular Armoire, was in the foyer of my parent's house where I grew up. It used hold guest coats.

My parents now live in a different  house and this gorgeous armoire is in my bedroom. The bedroom I stay when I visit. Look at all that wood work and detail. It is truly breathtaking!

This is my bedroom set, I did have it when I was single and I was living with my parents. I still sleep here when I visit.  Again, so much detail and so much gorgeousness. I love the marble on the night stands!

 This one is in a living room right outside my bedroom, see that arch on the left? That's my bedroom. and that black piece is a gorgeous  piano.

This hutch takes my breath away and brakes my heart to think it is in a shed in my parents yard as there is no room in the house for it. So so sad, right?

I am planing on bringing them here to my house some day... It is quite pricey to have all this furniture shipped all the way from Spain... Some day!!

I am so glad you stopped by!! Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day!!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Magic of Paint

It's pretty amazing what paint can do!
Let's take a look at some furniture  transformations.
By the way, have I ever told you that doing this, painting furniture in my garage, is how I came up with the name of my Blog? I was in my garage painting an antique dresser, that was pretty beat up, tired and sad looking. When I was done it looked beautiful, happy and full of life again. I felt that it was pretty special to helped that old and neglected dresser to find grace again... So there "Finding Grace" was born! 

What do you think? Did any of this projects inspired and motivated you to grab a paint brush??
Thanks so much for visiting! 

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