Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas in the Dining room 2016

My sweet mom painted for me a beautiful Nativity set a few years ago, I displayed it on my Foyer table last year.

This year I kept the foyer table simple so I wasn't sure where to display this Nativity set. 

It has to be in a place where my little kids can't easily reach as I will be sad if it breaks. I considered not to display it this year and save it for next year.

For a while I was debating how to create a center piece for my dining room table.

Hmmm, what to do? simply some flowers? Some greenery?  When all the sudden the light bulb went on and I had one of those AHA!!! moments.

I mimic my Fall centerpiece, but this time, instead of using red and orange leaves, branches, nuts, turkeys and birds, why not use evergreens and my mom's Nativity set!

I set everything up on the same wood board I made for the Fall centerpiece. You can read about that HERE

I cut some greenery from my yard, I set the Nativity set in the middle and I added pine cones here and there. 

I'm using my grandmother's china. I brought it from Spain with me last summer in a carry on! 

Thank you so much for visiting and have a wonderful day!

Christmas in the Foyer 2016

Can you believe Christmas is this weekend? So much to do so little time!! At least the Christmas decor is all finish. I better get busy with the wrapping and the final shopping!! Are you all done with your shopping?

Today I would like to give you a tour of my foyer, I carried the color scheme from the family room  with the reds and whites. 

I started by adding evergreens from my yard to the stairs railing. 

Then I added red burlap and burlap bows

Then pine cones and white ornaments.

And I finished it off by hanging my kids stockings. 

I kept my entry table simple with a lantern and some red ornaments and greenery in an urn.

I had a lot of fun decorating with my red rain boots!!

I played with different pillows on the chair, the toile one stayed as I decided to move the plaid one to the sofa in the family room.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a lovely day!!

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas in the Master Room 2016

This year I am really in the Spirit, so I decided to add some Christmas decor to the master bedroom.

I love the look of a flocked tree and the master was the perfect place for it.

I didn't want to spend an arm an a leg on a tree, so I did a lot of research and hunting, until I found the  perfect one at Walmart. It is 7 ft and it comes with lights. And the best part, it was only $69 something.

For some reason, when I want something it seems like the whole world wants the same thing, does this happens to you too? This  was a very popular tree, and every time I checked my local Walmart it was sold out,  I went to the next town over and same thing, sold out... I am no quitter over here and when I want something I am determined to find it, so I was on a serious mission to find MY tree. In one of the Walmart I checked they were kind enough to find out where was the closest store that still has some. It was half an hour away, so off I went with the whole family in tow just to make it more fun! 😜

Long story short, and trust me, it was a long story...  I did came home with my tree. I decorated it in blues and silvers and those are the colors that suit my bedroom decor best. 

Instead of a tree skirt, I used a basket, they are specifically made to use as a tree skirt, I bough my at Michael's and I was lucky enough to get the last one! 😀

Another way to add some Christmas decor is by simply adding some evergreens and ornaments to any corner!

Thank you so much for visiting and have a wonderful weekend!! 

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