Sunday, February 26, 2017

Winter Dough bowl

I came home from Brimfield antique show once with this gorgeous antique European dough bowl,  it's being so much fun to dress it up and change it according to the season.

Right now, for the winter it's sporting some evergreen branches from my yard, some pine cones and candles!

We've been having an early spring with temperatures in the low 70s, that is unheard of in New England in February! I can certainly get use to this fabulous weather, but I know winter will be back soon. Even though winter is not over yet, I am so ready for spring, so I think the spring look for my Euro wooden bowl will be happening soon!! 

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Friday, February 10, 2017

A Valentine's Table Scape

Love is in the air, and love inspired me to set my table for Valentine's Day!

I chose a table cloth that belonged to my grandmother in white and gray with beautiful detail. 

With gorgeous white and pink roses I created a center piece using a soup tureen .

I chose to use my grandmother china. It is beautiful! it has a delicate blue flower border and golden trim.
I brought this china with me last summer from Spain, wrapped in bubble wrap and paper in a bag as a carry on!

 I decorated the table with some soft pink candles to add a romantic touch

And of course some bubbly, check out this beautiful bottle, it is white and pink so it fits perfect with the theme of the table. The champagne is also pink and absolutely delicious!

In front of each place setting I added some pink and white m&ms for those guest with a sweet tooth! I displayed them in this adorable liquor glasses, they belonged to my mother in law so they are very special to me.

I recently added this beautiful flatware to my collection. The "handles" are a soft whitish-gray, so they look really nice with the table cloth. I found them at Walmart out of all places! and they come in an assortment of colors!

Some little birds in glass domes spread around the table,  just to add an unexpected touch and just because I adore birds... they add happiness to any space!

Do you have any plans for Valentine's day?

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting! Have a beautiful day!

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Another Valentine Vignette!

 Yesterday I shared a Valentine's vignette on my coffee table, you can read about it HERE. I was having fun decorating so I kept going with another look. In this case I kept the same tray, roses and books and changed the rest.

I decided to feature a beautiful picture of my grandmother this time. After all, I was decorating for  Valentine's and she will forever be in my heart. 

I also switched the candle for this gardenia one... Oh that scent... It is to dye for! 

I liked this more simple look, but to be honest, I liked the other vignette better, with more color and texture, so the final vignette was the previous one. My kids were happy the m&ms made the final cut!! ;) 

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A Valentine's Vignette for my Coffee Table

Last Friday I had a very sweet end of my week. My french style chairs were featured in Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage. It was a really nice surprise to see them in such a beautiful Blog. You can read about my french style chairs HERE and you should really visit Country at French Country Cottage if you haven't so. You would really like this Blog!

Yesterday I was playing with my coffee table... I always like to display a vignette there, and I like to switch it up and change it a bit according with the time of the year...

Since Valentine's day is approaching, I use that as my inspiration for this vignette... Candles, roses and chocolate!

Nothing says Valentines like red roses, right? A sweet friend brought me this beautiful bouquet this weekend. It's perfect for my valentine's vignette!!

This is one of my favorite candles. I bought it at Anthropologie a few months ago. I wish you could smell it. It is absolutely divine!! But my favorite part is the container. Isn't it just pure perfection? It emulates an antique marmalade jar.

I kept playing with it and came up with another look... Make sure to come back tomorrow to see it!

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Friday, January 27, 2017


My husband thinks I have an obsession with pillows. I just think they can be an inexpensive and easy way to  change the look of a room. I know some pillows can be pricie. But I am usually pretty thrifty and since I know myself and I know I will be changing pillows around, I usually don't spend much on my pillows...

Let's start with today's look, this is how my couch currently looks like... The last addition was the blue  pillow in the middle... It came from Marshall's.

This was the previous look, the Christmas look. When I bought the red pillows with the white snow flakes, at Michael's, of all places and on sale! I was thinking about leaving them out for the winter, but to be honest, after the holidays, I got tired of the red, so I put them away with all my Christmas decorations. 

This was a couple winters ago. I love a lot of pillows in the couch, but since this is the everyday couch, where we sit to watch TV, where the kids sit to read books and to play with their IPads... Too may pillows are not very practical... they kind of get on the way and end up on the floor, so with this look, I learned less is more, at least at this stage of my life... 

This one was last year at Spring time. I found the needle point pillow in the center at my local antique mall, for only $20. I like the colors and the flower motive was perfect for spring, along with the pillows with birds and bird cages... 

Recently I found these ones at Walmart, I love the blue color with the white rope stripes and the fringe.  They are lumbar pillows, so they look great on my chairs. 

And that shade of blue also looks great with the table and the stripes on the ottoman! 

Do you like to change your pillows depending on the season, time of year or mood? It is a fun way to change the colors or decor of a room without breaking the bank!! 

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