Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Dream Florida Room

I have being in Florida a few times, and I have some very dear friends who live there. So Florida is very close to my heart!

Every time I visit, I wish I could move there! There is something about that tropical feel that appeals to me. The warm breeze, the spectacular sunsets, the warm weather, the calm water, the beautiful blue ocean... I love it all! So I was very excited to dream a little and design my dream Florida room. 

I chose aqua blue, linen and gold as my color palette. To me this speaks Florida! The aqua blue that you find in the ocean, the gold and linen color in the sand on the beautiful beaches. As my room decor I choose some white coral and nautical things. 

I choose a very bright room with big wall to wall windows to showcase the bright Florida sun. You cannot see outside the windows, but I guarantee you the most unbelievable ocean views. That aqua blue, that calm ocean, those palm trees, wouldn't it be nice to wake up everyday to that view!

The walls are a very light gray, just to serve as a blank canvas to showcase the beautiful furnishing and the stunning views! 

I choose beachy white hard wood floors and I left them bare, without an area rug, for a more light and breeze look, a linen tufted aqua headboard, crisp white linens for the bed, gold night stands, a linen tufted bench at the end of the bed, to be able to sit and put your sandals on before heading to the beach! Instead of lamps on the night stands, I chose sconces on the wall, to free some room on the night stands for some beautiful decorative items, such fresh flowers and some coral. 
On the opposite wall to the window, I place a beautiful dresser and above it I hung some art work in the same color palette, aqua, linen and gold.
And this is how I envision my dream Florida room. 
Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you enjoyed some Florida time with me today! ;)


  1. How inspiring and beautiful! I think you have really captured the Florida sunshine and cool azure waters! This would be my dream room too!
    Great to have you join us at Thoughts of Home today and I also loved having you visit me:)
    Happy Thursday!

  2. This is very pretty and dreamy, Cristina. :)

  3. WooooooW SO BEAUTIFUL
    I love it!

  4. That's a good looking room you designed. I love all of the light colors. I was born in FL!

    1. How nice you were born in FL! I didn't now that! How old were you when you moved?
      Thanks for visiting!

  5. Your Florida room sounds so charming. I have a blog friend who is from Florida, and she loves living there. :) The aqua color you chose is lovely, and it's going to be nice with all that light coming in. We are California gals, and I've always wanted to visit Florida myself.