Friday, September 1, 2017

Good Bye Summer!

September is here, it's hard to believe that summer is over.

Fall is on it's way and as much as I love Summer, Fall is probably my second favorite season. Specially here in New England. The change of the colors in nature is just spectacular. 

I enjoy the crisp air in the  mornings and evenings, the kids going back to school, the hearty meals, the fall wardrobe, and of course, the home decor! 

Before I put all my summer decor away and bring out the pumpkins I want to say good bye to a fabulous Summer! 

My kids and I spent this Summer in Spain. My husband joined us there the last two weeks of our trip and then we all flew home together last Monday. I am still working on getting over some  jet lag and still have some unpacking to do! 

We had so much fun spending time with family and traveling to the south of Spain with friends. So many memories that will be treasured forever! 


This candle makes my whole family room smell like a tropical island. It's fabulous!! 

I Hope y'all had a wonderful Summer too... Looking forward to a fun Fall filled with apple picking, pumpkin carving, Spooky Halloween, family gatherings... 

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  1. Your home is so pretty and I know if the walls could talk, they'd be glad you are home. :)