Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring in the Kitchen

Oh Spring, where are you? Today we had some really low temps with snow, yikes!!
Next week we are expecting sunshine and warming up to the sixties, go figure! I'll take the warm and sun any day over the cold and snow!! 
Nothing like fresh flowers to warm and cheer up an space. I love tulips this time of year specially the soft pastel colored ones. 
I picked these ones up at the grocery store the other day to add a touch of Spring in the kitchen.

I have a collection of blue mason jars on my window sill, right above my kitchen sink. Since it seems like I spend a good portion of my day right here, I put some of the tulips in some of the mason jars to enjoy them while I do the dishes!

Every time I photograph this window it comes out so dark. Sorry!

I also put some tulips in my antique tool box as a center piece on my kitchen table. 

This is my grandma's china. I love to play with it once in a while! My mom and I bought the glass candies in Murano Italy on a trip years ago. 

Since we are in the Kitchen, I would like to show you this window valance that I found treasure hunting last week. It was only $ 2.99 woohoo! :)
I love the color and the floral pattern on it! To be hones with you I bought it to make a pillow out of it. When I went home I decide to try it in the kitchen window and it worked!! At least for now! ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!! 


  1. Those flowers look so pretty in your windowsill. I love the valance you found too. I can't get over the great price! Hope that you finally get some Spring weather soon.

  2. The tulips are beautiful, they make me think of spring even when it's cold and gloomy outdoors. The jars are so cute and I also like the arrangement in the box on your table.

    Stay warm! :)


  3. Pink tulips are my favorite spring flower. They look so pretty in your mason jars and I really love your antique tool box. Your valance looks great too. I have been looking for valances for my kitchen windows but I don't think I'll find such a great deal as you did. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Cristina!

  4. love the valance. wondering if you could put it up a little higher and make the window look higher? just a thought.