Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas in the Living Room 2016

The Living Room is ready for Christmas!

What color have you chosen for your Christmas decor this year? I've seen in a lot of blogs and websites lots of white Christmas, I absolutely love that, it is very magical and romantic. But nothing says Christmas to me better than red!!

Years ago I had a lot of red in this room. I love red, but after a number of years, I got tired of it, so I neutralized the room. Now it is fun to add some color with pillows and accessories depending on the season and time of year. 

So this Christmas I choose to bring back the red by adding some Christmassy and wintery  pillows, throws, candles, cranberries and tree decorations.  

I live in an area surrounded by Cranberry Bogs, In fact, there is one right behind my back yard! So I love to add cranberries to my winter decor. They look lovely combined with candles.

I have five trees in total all over the house. But this one has to be my favorite as it is decorated mostly with ornaments hand made some by my husband when he was a little boy, and some by my kids every year.  Others were purchased in trips or are gifts from friends from far away. Some of them are from my son's God Father, every year he sends him a new ornament at Christmas, so one day, when he moves and gets his own home, and has his very first Christmas tree, he will have a great collection of ornaments collected thru out his life, isn't that a great idea?
So it is our memory tree and it means the world to me. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you are having a lovely day!

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