Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Very Easy Art Project

I love vintage fern art work. I had in mind to make my own, so last summer I cut some ferns around my yard and placed them in between newspaper pages and put them underneath a heavy wooden box for about a month or so to let them dry. 
I never got around to do anything with them. I was planing on, at some point,  mode podge them to a piece of paper and frame them. 
I had framed vintage postcards of old Plymouth, my home town, hung in a narrow wall as you walk in my kitchen thru the garage, so this is what I see everyday as I enter the house. 
To be honest, they never made me jump out of my seat, so I am not even sure why I never replace them for something else. 
The other day I was cooking dinner when I had an uh-ha moment and the light bulb went on. All the sudden it hit me what to do with those postcards and the ferns!!!
I turned the postcards around, meaning, I place the back of the postcard, the part where you write, to the front, and I just placed the ferns on top of it, so the postcard is like the background. And the actual picture of the postcard is facing the wall now, so you cannot see it. Makes sense? I think it sounds way more complicated that it actually was!
Here are some pictures to help you understand what I did. 

So this is how the postcards looked:
(I took this picture at night, may be that's why it looks so yellowish) 

And this is how they look now:

Cute, huh? It only took a few minutes but I think it made a big difference! I love how they turned out. 
I hope you enjoyed my easy project!! Thanks so much for visiting and have a lovely day!! :)

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  1. I love vintage potential prints and ferns too and yours look great!

  2. Yes, I really do like that project! It's so unique and I like how you've done several of them down the wall. I once cut some greenery off a bush and placed it between pages of a book etc. I thought about mounting it to some paper and framing it, but never did. Oh well. At least you actually did something with yours!

  3. I love these...a very beautiful and creative idea!

  4. I love when those "aha" moments happen! I love the way the postcards look!