Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kitchen Stools get a face lift!

I love the look of an antique grain sack, so I choose that as my inspiration to update my very boring very plain kitchen stools. 

These are the stools before. As you can see, nothing exciting. They blended pretty well into the island. Sorry for the bad picture and for the messy kitchen. This picture was taking years ago, I don't even think there was Blogging back then! But this is the only picture I have of the "before".

Over the years, these stools had a lot of make overs. At one point they had white and green stripes, then I painted them in ASCH Paris Gray with a frenchy stencil in Old White also by ASCH on the top. And finally they are sporting the antique grain sack look. This one is my favorite so far,  so this is their destiny, at least for now! ;)

I painted the legs with Advance latex paint long time ago. Since that was working pretty good. I left them alone, and just painted the top in ASCP Old White.

Out came the frog tape to help me make the stripes.

I painted the stripes with Napoleon Blue also by ASCP. I am pretty impatient for projects, so I usually don't measure where I put the tape for the stripes. I just eyed ball it. 

So far so good! I could of just leave them like that, they look simple and pretty just with the stripes. But my wheels where turning, so I wanted to keep going...

So I added this German wording. I purchased the stencil on line at Maison de Stencils. It was getting closer to my idea, however I needed to make it look old, antique, like they had a long life and a very interesting story to tell. And nothing better to give a piece some character than a good distressing and dark wax by ASCP.

I love the result! What do you think? I hope you enjoyed my kitchen stools make over!
Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day!

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