Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hello Fall!

Fall is making it's official arrival on Friday September 22, but I think we've all been ready for a while to make the switch in our home decor from Summer to Fall. Do you change your home decor with the seasons, I sure do!
I've decided to keep it simple this year and change some summer colors and fabrics for darker colors and just add some pumpkins here and there. 

 Right above my phone table at the entrance of my family room I used to have a small mirror... but I just change it for this picture. It is a landscape of trees and fields reflected in a lake. I love the color and the scenery. I found it so pretty and serene. Very Fallish, don't you think?

As the center piece for my coffee table I use a dough bowl filled with velvet pumpkins.

The dough bowl is from Decor Steals and I found the velvet pumpkins at my local grocery store of all places!! I was very excited to find navy blue pumpkins, I would of never expected pumpkins in navy blue, but they go perfectly with the color scheme of the family room.

Very simple mantle place this fall, I simply added a small trophy cup with a couple of pumpkins and I called it a day. I kept the rest as it was before!

I had a piece of white coral in this golden tray for the Summer. I simply switch it for some antlers, I don't know why they say Fall to me! 

Adding pumpkins in unexpected places is a very easy way to add fall touches through out the house!

An assortment of.... Well... of course pumpkins on top of the kitchen hutch!!

This beautiful dough bowl is being the center piece of my kitchen island for a while. It is too pretty not to enjoy it everyday. The contents change with the seasons. now it's sporting some birch branches, moss balls, bird nest, lavender and of course pumpkins! 

I stayed away from the traditional orange pumpkins. I went for the more neutral colors like white, greens and blues. 

Are you ready for fall?
Thanks so much for stopping by!! :)