Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dresser Makeover

I found this dresser at Savers for $45. I looked at it, and looked at it again, and thought about it and convinced myself that I really didn't need it, so I passed. Yup, I left the store without it. Thank goodness for that voice inside me that started yelling and screaming at me to turn around and go get it. So I did, I listened to the voice in my head, did a 180 and drove back to the store as fast as I could. You have to be very careful at Savers because things come and go at the speed of light, so no time to dilly dally here, if you like something you must dive in, or someone else will!!
So luckily the dresser was still there waiting for me.

This project happened before I introduced myself to chalk paint. So, I lightly sanded, primed and painted with some latex paint I found in my stash leftover from another project. Then I stained, and wiped the stain as I went to achieve the antique look. One of the knobs on one of the top drawers was missing, so initially I replaced both of them with these glass knobs.

It turned out really cute, don't you think? I wasn't sure where it would find a home. I placed it in a lot of different locations around the house, but none were working for it. I considered selling it, but
right around that time we switched the little princess to a big girl room, so it happily lives in Grace's bedroom now.

I ended up changing the knobs to these really cute ones- they are a bunch of mother of pearl flowers grouped all together. I found the knobs at Home Goods. It looks beautiful in her room!!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed this makeover!!

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  1. $45!? It looks amazing, and I love the pink on Grace's walls!

  2. You found the perfect dresser for a very sweet room!