Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Boys Room

The boys room is a work in progress, but I feel like I'm getting closer to the final stage. Or at least for now.  Things are always changing around here as my wheels keep spinning with ideas and possibilities!
This is how it was before. I had a red accent wall. I felt it made the room a bit dark, so I decided to paint that wall like the rest of the room.

The rest of the walls are a pretty very light gray color, so I went with that. It's a custom color. I had Benjamin Moore made that for me. If you like it, just ask me and I'll send you the formula!!

 I really like the way it turned out. I think it makes the room a lot brighter and lighter. The boys loved it too. So it was a win win!! ;)
You know how it goes, with one change comes another, so I also switched the artwork around a bit and I added a couple things. Such the initials on top of each headboard.

I already had the M, it used to be baby blue and it was originally in Matt's nursery. Then completely unexpected I found the J at Savers. It was pink, but I didn't see a problem with that. Nothing some spray paint couldn't fix. Right?

I also had this gold frame. I used it at Christmas to display our Christmas cards. I Just stapled some twine to the back and hung things with tiny cloth pins from Michaels. For now I hung it in this big wall in their room to display some pictures and some memorabilia as tickets for their first games, etc. I'm not sure I'm really loving it here, but there it is for the time being.

The Next thing I want to do is paint the dresser and the armoire. Hopefully soon!! :)

Thanks so much for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the Boys room history and make over!! :)


  1. Such an improvement over the red wall! How about a nice dark green for the dresser or armoire? Can't wait to see the updates :)

  2. Love The colours and the room!! Thanks for The ideas... Very useful for mt baby's room!!

  3. Thank you so much Betsaide GEI, S.L So happy to hear you love the room and to be some inspiration for your baby's room!

  4. Hola Nerea!! Que sorpresa encontrarte aquí!!! Como te va? Muchos besos!!