Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Centenary Pillows

Yesterday I share some homemade pillows I made with tapestries my grandma made, you can see it HERE. Today I would like to show you some more, very special, pillows.
I also brought these ones from Spain. It's really fun to shop at my mom's home!!

These ones are very delicate and very antique, they sit on my bed. They have an HR embroidered on them, those letters are my great grandmother's initials.

This two pillows are over 100 years old! They travelled from La Habana, Cuba, where my great grandma was from in a trunk by boat all the way to Spain. Then later on, they made it to the USA in my suit case!

This one is also a very special one. its about 104 years old, made by hand by my great-grandmother. It used to be my grandfather's pram coverlet. That is why there is no ruffle at the bottom. The bottom is actually the top of the coverlet. I thought it will look great as a pillow. So I just put a pillow insert inside. 

Speaking of antique linens, let me show you this table runner. Also a century old, also made by hand by my great grandmother. 

Gorgeous, isn't it? I hope it makes my great-grandmother happy to know her beautiful work is proudly and happily display four generations later all the way across the ocean!!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed the history of my pillows!


  1. WOW you are so blessed to have these special treasures, and I am BLESSED to have found someone who would CARE for the treasures!!! They are so beautiful and I admire you for using and enjoying them!!

  2. PS: and I know your G-grandma is smiling!!!