Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Decor

It's still so cold in my neck of the woods with more snow on the forecast. Yikes!!

It's really hard to think spring, I feel we are heading tours Christmas instead of Easter.
So sad to think my kids are going to have to do the Easter egg hunt this year in their snow pants and boots!!! Crazy!!

In the bright side it's going to be so easy to spot all the colorful eggs in the white snow!! :)

I cannot believe Easter is on Sunday. I feel Easter is sneaking on me this year so fast!!

I don't do a lot of Easter decor. Just a couple of things on my coffee table and an Easter-y center piece on my breakfast nook table.
In this table is where we have all our meals, so with three monkeys, I mean kids ;) eating at this table, the decor has to be pretty simple and minimal!

 On the coffee table I grouped a few spring-y things such a bunny, some tulips, some chocolate eggs, a candle that smells divine, I love to light it at night after everyone goes to bed and I get to relax for just a few minutes, before I fall sleep on the couch!! some antique glass door knobs and the cutes little bird house painted by my very talented three year old beautiful daughter!

On my breakfast nook table I have an antique tool box filled with candles and decorative Easter eggs. The Eggs act as footballs around the table and all sort of games are played with them daily! They are non breakable, thank goodness!! :)

Thanks so much for stoping by!!

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  1. Cute Easter decor! I love the blue and white checked fabric used on your dining chairs too.

  2. Kelly!!
    You are so sweet!! Thanks so much for visiting my Blog! I love all your comments!! XOXO

  3. Such a cute display. I never heard of an Easter egg hunt in the snow, but I guess you do what you have to do. Have a great Easter!