Monday, January 30, 2017

Another Valentine Vignette!

 Yesterday I shared a Valentine's vignette on my coffee table, you can read about it HERE. I was having fun decorating so I kept going with another look. In this case I kept the same tray, roses and books and changed the rest.

I decided to feature a beautiful picture of my grandmother this time. After all, I was decorating for  Valentine's and she will forever be in my heart. 

I also switched the candle for this gardenia one... Oh that scent... It is to dye for! 

I liked this more simple look, but to be honest, I liked the other vignette better, with more color and texture, so the final vignette was the previous one. My kids were happy the m&ms made the final cut!! ;) 

Thanks so much for visiting! I love to have you over and to hear from you! make sure to hay hello before you go!! :)



  1. Such a pretty vignette! I love the red roses. Hard to believe that Valentines Day is only a couple of weeks away. Wasn't it just Christmas?!

  2. Hi Kelly! I know, right? I can't believe tomorrow is February already!! Time sure flights when you are having fun!! :)