Friday, January 27, 2017


My husband thinks I have an obsession with pillows. I just think they can be an inexpensive and easy way to  change the look of a room. I know some pillows can be pricie. But I am usually pretty thrifty and since I know myself and I know I will be changing pillows around, I usually don't spend much on my pillows...

Let's start with today's look, this is how my couch currently looks like... The last addition was the blue  pillow in the middle... It came from Marshall's.

This was the previous look, the Christmas look. When I bought the red pillows with the white snow flakes, at Michael's, of all places and on sale! I was thinking about leaving them out for the winter, but to be honest, after the holidays, I got tired of the red, so I put them away with all my Christmas decorations. 

This was a couple winters ago. I love a lot of pillows in the couch, but since this is the everyday couch, where we sit to watch TV, where the kids sit to read books and to play with their IPads... Too may pillows are not very practical... they kind of get on the way and end up on the floor, so with this look, I learned less is more, at least at this stage of my life... 

This one was last year at Spring time. I found the needle point pillow in the center at my local antique mall, for only $20. I like the colors and the flower motive was perfect for spring, along with the pillows with birds and bird cages... 

Recently I found these ones at Walmart, I love the blue color with the white rope stripes and the fringe.  They are lumbar pillows, so they look great on my chairs. 

And that shade of blue also looks great with the table and the stripes on the ottoman! 

Do you like to change your pillows depending on the season, time of year or mood? It is a fun way to change the colors or decor of a room without breaking the bank!! 

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Have a great weekend!

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