Friday, May 22, 2015

A quick project!

The stomach bug has hit our home and my two boys took turns being sick. Yesterday everybody was healthy again and back to school, so it was my first free morning in a while!!

I wasn't planing on doing this project but tiding up the laundry room it hit me and I got to work!!

I had this two small wooden signs, I must of buy them in Spain (since they are in Spanish) who knows when, they say "Laundry room" and "Iron" They came with a little glue sticker in the back to be glued to the wall.
I had them on top of other laundry prints for a while. But they always looked kind of lonely and sad. Too small... A few months ago we got some pedestals drawers to put under the washer and the dryer. Now with he washer and dryer being so high I had to move the pictures up and there wasn't room for this two signs to be hung above those pictures any more.

I have quite a collection of frames in a box in my garage. I dig one out that will work great to frame those two signs together. Look and me and hubby back in the day! That was his 40th birthday cursing to Mexico!

I dry brushed the frame with some blue paint from a Benjamin Moore sample color that was in my paint stash. 

I lined one of the card boards that came inside the frame behind the picture with left over burlap. I sprayed some fabric glue to it to keep the burlap in place.  You can see some of the glue thru the burlap now, but once it dries and the signs are in place, you cannot see it anymore.

I apply some extra glue dots to the back of the signs for more support and used the mat that came with the frame.

And there you have it!

A very easy and quick project on a wimp!! 

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