Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Today is the first day of one of the biggest antiques shows in the country! It happens three times a year, in May, July and September, in Brimfield, MA

Since I moved to MA 8 years ago I attend to the May and September shows. It is way too hot in July!!

My 8 year old loves to come with me. He usually has a shopping list bigger than mine!!
But this year he has a baseball game on Saturday and he doesn't want to miss it. So I made it a girls weekend!

Brimfield is about two hours ride from my house, so I usually go early on Saturday and come back home at the end of the day. But this year me and three of my good friends will spend the night on Saturday and do more shopping on Sunday!

I cannot go during the week because there is too much going on, with kids in school, sports, etc. so I usually go on Saturday, which is a great day to make good deals. During the week it's early for the vendors to negotiate with the prices, but by the end of the show, they are ready to let go of their merchandise more easily.

I am very excited not only to visit the show, but also to spend some fun time with my friends. We got a hotel with a pool, for some R & R at the end of the day!!

Here are some of my Brimfield finds from past years:

This piggie cutting board is my favorite cutting board. It rests against the wall on my kitchen counter and it's used daily. 

The antlers and the two white ironstone platters are also from Brimfield. Oh! and also the feathers that you see on the right of the picture!

This vintage gardening box holds books at the end of my son's bed. 

 You should of seeing this awesome big wood board when I found it. It was covered in paint splatters and dirt. It took some elbow grease, and you can still see a white paint drop on the right upper corner. I saw the beauty behind the yuckiness and now it shows beautifully on my kitchen wall. 

This grain sack/pillow cover also came from Brimfield.

The headboards on my boys room are also from Brimfield. This was a memorable trip. It was Friday and I was to anxious to wait any longer. The boys didn't have preschool on Fridays so around 10 in the morning I packed my, back then, 2 year old and 4 year old boys and my big 7 months pregnant belly with my daughter and we took off to Brimfield!

This table is one of my daughters night stands. It came from the same trip while I was pregnant with her.

This awesome beverage dispenser...

This absolutely gorgeous table is in my room. 

This beauty holds my winter sweaters and cardigans

This is a beautiful mirror. Also from Brimfield.

My hubby's night stand...

I love this one. It's a newer print of vintage sea shells in an antique mat. It is in my powder room.
The round mirror is also from Brimfield.

This are some antique postcards of Plymouth, the town where I live.

They hung in the wall as soon as I walk into the kitchen thru the garage. You can take a better look at the mirror in the powder room on the left.

A small collection of blue mason jars sits on my kitchen window sill. 

Hubby rolled his eyes at his one. But I absolutely adore my Shelia Jones. It makes my breakfast nook so happy!! 

This beautiful tray holds some of my everyday cooking essentials next to my stove.

 And this one it's hung next to the kitchen hutch, the wood board is on the other side.

I got this two antique reproductions of vintage sea shells. Then I got them framed at Michaels.

 Aren't this bottles pretty? 

Antique marbles add some color in a Kate Spade crystal bowl to my desk. 

My grandfather was a pharmacist and had a lab with a big microscope. This one brought me so many memories  that came home with me.

More antique postcards of Plymouth.

Antique glass doorknobs, the picture behind them is my beautiful grandmother. 

No clue what these are for. But again, they reminded me of my grandpa's lab and I thought they were so pretty with the dragonflies!

I loved the zinc and glass combo on this glass dome. 

And these three mother-of-pearl spread knives.

Birds, nests and eggs... I have a thing for birds, nests and eggs... Robbin's egg blue is my favorite color.

This baskets hold bottles of wine in my dining room. They were free!! yup, the vendor took off and left a mountain of these behind! The advantages of the last day shopping!

This cute little table works as a bar in the dining room. I bought it as is, with the intention of painting it. But then I loved the patina and the way the paint looked all aged that I left it alone.

 Some ironstone...

And baskets...

And this deliciously smelling french soap. It makes my bathroom smell divine. Lavender is my favorite scent!

I am sure if I keep looking around I will find a lot more things from all my hunting trips to Brimfield. But I think this post is long enough!! I hope you enjoyed. And if you are in MA you should consider to make a trip it is a lot of fun!!




  1. Are you sure there was anything left for sale after you got out of there?! LOL! You have found a lot of nice things there. I'm sure I won't get to go since I live so far away but it's fun to see the pics of what they have. I've heard of it and know that it's very popular.

  2. The dragonflies with the water tubes are placed into your garden so you can measure how many inches of rainfall you received in the last storm.

  3. Wow you found a lot of great things and I am surprised anything is left-ha ha! Lucky you!

    1. haha! yup I cleaned the place!! LOL. It is a really huge show, there is plenty of goodies for all!! :)

  4. What truly amazing treasures you have collected over the years.
    Have a wonderful weekend!