Monday, May 4, 2015

For the love of baskets!

I love baskets! I think they look great just about anywhere and I love to use them not only for decoration but for many other purposes.

I love them on top on armoires and hutches. I have a bunch of them on top of this pine armoire on my reading nook upstairs. 

On top of my dining room hutch.

I love this chicken wire one on top of my kitchen hutch.

On top of my bedroom armoire.

They also came in very handy to stay organize. 
They corral small toys in the play room.

They hold wine bottles in the dining room.

Who wants to see the router in the office... looks much better inside a basket!

A big basket holds blankets in the family room...

Dolls in Grace's room also happily live in a basket...

Holding pillows in the guest room...

Bathroom drawers stay organized thanks to baskets!

 Even my flip flops are happy in a basket inside my closet!

An antique shopping cart, big basket like decorates the dining room!

How about you, do you like to use baskets to decorate and to organize your home?

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  1. Love your baskets and how you so beautifully display them and also the creative ways you use them too!

  2. Thank you so much Shirley!!
    Have a lovely weekend!! :)

  3. Cristina, you have a beautiful home. Love your use of baskets. And, your flip flop collection could rival mine (I was good this past year and got rid of quite a bit, just haven't had time to restock ;-) I love the fact that you hid the router in a basket. I have an Mcell tower in my office that something like that would work for.