Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Antique Show Finds

A couple of Sundays ago I visited the Duxbury Antique Show. It was such a nice little show packed with great vendors and treasures!

I found a few really sweet things.

Somebody made this cute herbs signs, garden markers? not sure how to call them but they were adorable to pass.  So clever and such a great upcycle project to re-use old spoons! I got a few in hopes to plant a little garden, we'll see, I don't have a green thumb but these spoons were very motivating! :)

I also got this 7 Up crate. I loved the colors on it. It is in my Kitchen Island as a spring center piece. 

And this gorgeous antique shopping cart. 

It looks great filled up with dried hydrangeas. 

And this very special Red Cardinal. I believe when you see a red cardinal is someone from Heaven visiting you. Once in a while I see one in my yard and I believe is my grandmother visiting me. So I couldn't leave this one behind when I found it. It came home with me and it sits on top of the shelf above my TV, where I can see him daily! 

Hope you enjoyed my finds. Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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  1. I love all of your new finds! I think the silver spoon herb markers are my favorite. They are so pretty and unique. I love the message about the red cardinal too. I told my husband about it so he could look for one when he's mowing his dad's grass. His dad passed away last October and he takes care of the yard for his mom now.