Monday, April 13, 2015

Estate Sale

What an exciting way to start my day to see my dining-room-chairs make over featured in Concord Cottage. A beautiful Blog. Make sure to visit it you would love it!!

On Saturday I went to my very first estate sale.

It was a home of long time collectors,  filled with an amazing assortment of stunning items. Great antique furniture, multiple sets of sterling silver, original oil paintings and works of art, oriental rugs, amazing chandeliers and lots and lots of goodies!

They started handing out numbers at 6:00 AM, and opened the doors at 9:00 AM. Hubby and I got there around 8 and got number 38!

First thing I notice was the beautiful front door. 

As you came in there was the dining room with a mahogany dining table and 8 dining chairs and a couple of hutches.

On the table there was this beautiful centerpiece. One-of-a-kind commissioned sterling silver centerpiece done by world renowned silversmith and Prince Philip Medal winner Jocelyn Burton with original artwork and documentation depicting lilies, tulips, fruits and nuts in a stunning display of craftsmanship and artistry.  

 with an incredible price tag of $35,000.00 dollars!

Here are some pictures of other things that caught my eye!

It was a fun experience!! I purchased some white and blue ironstone dishes that I'll show you soon and I also purchased something in this pictures that I am sharing today. Can you guess what did I bought?

The weather is finally nice, Alleluia!!! So we started some yard work yesterday and cooked our first dinner on the grill and ate it outside. It felt so good to finally be able to enjoy the outdoors and to get some fresh air! The kids had a blast riding bikes and playing in the yard. They all slept like rocks last night!
It supposed to rain tomorrow, today its beautiful and sunny so I'm going to do more yard work, wanna bit the frogs!! LOL, we have a cranberry bog behind our yard and as soon as the weather gets nice, we have tons and tons of frogs. Me no like frogs jumping all over so I don't get my hands near the ground once they wake up. There for I need to get my yard work done before the froggys are up for the season!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a fabulous day!!



  1. My guess is the pretty coral framed picture!

  2. Nice guess Sue! That's a really pretty one! but that is not what came home with me!! :)