Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reusing a Flower Bouquet

On Easter Sunday Hubby and they kiddos got me this beautiful flower bouquet. 

Is being on my kitchen island since then. Some of the flowers were starting to look sad so I let those go, but the rest were still going strong!
I rearranged the still healthy looking ones in several up cycled glass jars and arranged them in my antique tool box as a center piece on my kitchen table. I mixed the flowers with some candles, and here is the result!

Looks very springy and happy! Don't you think?
Thanks so much for stopping by, have a fabulous day!!


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  1. That was such a good idea! I've had that same thing happen and usually just pull out the dead droopy flowers and live with a skimpy bouquet. I will have to try what you did next time.

  2. Love this idea, as some flowers always go before others. Love your antique toolbox as well.